Ravensburger Jolly Octopus Game

Jolly OctopusJolly Octopus sits on a rock in the midle of this delightful game, sheltering lots of colourful little crabs.

All you have to do is to take turns and try and pick up his colour-coded crab friends with the tongs supplied. However, this isn’t as easy as it first appears, because Jolly is trying to stop you all the time by waving his tentacles and spinning around.

Jolly isn’t cross if you touch him with your tongs – he’ll just giggle and laugh as you tickle him with them – so this is great for little players who would be upset by more angry reactions. The first player who collects all 5 of the right colour-coded crabs wins the game.

What’s even better is that Jolly Octopus has 2 different difficulty settings, so as you become better with the tongs you can make the game harder, ensuring you get plenty of play value and fun. Game play is approximately 10 minutes.

Jolly Octopus is winner of the Best New Game award 2010 from the British Toy and Hobby Association and is a game of skill suitable for 2-5 players, aged 4 years upwards.

3 AA batteries are needed to drive Jolly Octopus and are not included, so make sure you have some ready before Christmas.


If this is a must have gift, order now to avoid disappointment.


Jolly Octopus Product Features

  • Try to grab the colourful crabs with the handy plastic tongs, trying to avoid Jolly’s moving tentacles. If you touch his tentacles he’ll giggle at you.
  • Lots of fun, exciting sound and movement with Jolly’s moving tentacles and interactive giggle
  • Jolly has two speed settings to suit beginner and advanced players
  • Simple and easy to follow rules make Jolly the Octopus a fun and exciting game for 1 to 5 players, ages 4+
  • High quality plastic components.

Jolly Octopus is likely to sell quickly this Christmas due to its popularity, make sure you don’t miss out.